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  • Do I need to bring a skateboard?
    If you have a skateboard then yes please do but either way we have spare boards here of all shapes and sizes to try best fit your needs!
  • Are you open for rollerblading/roller skating?
    If you privately hire the mini then roller blading/skating can happen absolutely, but we do not offer lessons or evening sessions for any other discipline apart from skateboarding.
  • Do I need pads/helmet?
    If you are under 16 you are required to wear a helmet at all times whether it is a lesson or in a free skate session. We would advise that for anyone who is not yet comfortable riding or feels unsure but is over the age of 16 to wear at the very least a helmet.

  • Is there a lower age limit to skate the mini?
    5 years old.
  • Do you have a shop?
    Yes indeed we do! As well as housing a lovely 12ft/3ft mini ramp our space sells all top branded skate goods from the likes of Independent, Thrasher, Creature, Santa Cruz, Spitfire and many more.
  • Can you order in things I have seen online?
    Yes we can! Please do ask us either in store or message us on Insta if there is something you have seen elsewhere, or for a price match, and we will see if we can get the product ordered in for you.
  • Do you take Card?
    Here at Board AF both card and cash are welcome!

  • Do you sell drinks?

    We have two fridges full of all the cold fluid goodies you could wish for.
  • Do I need to book?
    For all sessions whether it be lessons or adult free skates we do require you to book online through our online booking system. This not only helps us to know how many are attending but keeps the capacity down to make the skate way more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Is there an area of spectators?
    Space for spectators is limited here at Board AF, but we do have a bench seat for 3-4 people. So, if you were thinking of bringing 5 mates along to watch this is probably a no go. We are happy for parents/close friends to watch but there is limited seating etc.
  • Is BOARD AF wheelchair accessible?
    The shop is fully wheelchair accessible with accessible toilets also.
  • Does BOARD AF have parking?
    Parking outside is fairly limited but so long as you’re not parked in front of a no parking sign you’re ok. We are adjoined with BENNETT AUTOS, so if you are in their car parking spaces that’s also acceptable.
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